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We create interactive experiences in Virtual Reality or Game Based formats.

The main influencer of decisions today are Experiences. From restaurants to online shopping, humans today make big and small decisions based on their experience of a brand, a service or product. 3 Degrees Tech use Market Leading technology.

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Game Based Experience

With imagination being the only limitation, businesses can now design the ideal game construct to allow their employees to thrive. You can turn your HR processes into Game Based applications. Example the on-boarding and assessments form could be 15 minutes of game play instead of forms.


Now more than ever, your Brand is the fundamental difference between success and failure. For companies, their Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Strategy forms the foundation of their Talent Attraction and Acquisition success. A weak Employer Brand could put a company at a disadvantage when competing for scarce skills, while a good Employer Brand could increase the number of quality applicants threefold (according to Glassdoor research)


People are always following trends, specifically around technology. We need to move away from convention and start creating campaigns in the modern formats used on social media – like gaming.

360 / Virtual Reality

Create immersive experiences to drive employee engagement. VR can now be used for the full employee life cycle creating an exciting way to recruit and on-board staff. As an organisation, it is far more powerful to communicate in the language of the candidate.

VR learning

If your looking for a truly immersive experience for your employees, that is also a state-of-the-art learning experience, then VR is a great tool for your business. Enhancing your employee brand experience and giving you a solid ROI.

Interactive Content

The cognitive science behind the benefits interactive content or experiences are not new; people tend to learn and engage best when concepts are conveyed visually, and most of us comprehend abstract concepts better by watching demonstrations.

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