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We understand the Power of Experiences

The main influencer of decisions today are Experiences. From restaurants to online shopping, humans today make big and small decisions based on their experience of a brand, a service or product. 3 Degrees Tech use Market Leading technology to create exceptional experiences

3 Degrees Tech develops custom-made solutions for our clients, using the following Technology:

Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality | 3D Engagement/Interactive Scenario’s

| 2D Engagement/Interactive Videos | Gamification

Sales & Marketing

Lead Generation

Lead Conversion

Customer Retention

Customer Satisfaction

*Innovative Survey Methods

Human Resources



Learning & Development

Employee Engagement

Reward & Recognition

Career Transitions

Our Story

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born” – Anais Nin

3 Degrees Tech is a tale of two worlds coming together to create a new world – one that is creative, hands-on and solutions driven. Through 3 Degrees Tech, Yakeen and Elmen embraces the elements that is currently disrupting the Human Resource industry, helping our clients and customers to maximise the power of Technology and Online Media.

Yakeen Sadiq created his space in the world of digital marketing, creating marketing campaigns and advertising movements that disrupted the market and going viral – like the one with Nando’s. He has more than a decade experience in web development, video production and understanding people’s online behaviour. This makes it simple for him building strategy for specialized marketing campaigns.

Elmen Lamprecht immersed himself in the world of Talent Attraction and Acquisition, spending the largest part of his professional career creating bespoke talent solutions for clients in both the white collar and blue-collar space. With a special passion for Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing and Recruitment Tech, his expertise has successfully assisted numerous companies to streamline their own recruitment process, allowing them to attract and acquire better quality talent, faster and cheaper.

We are looking forward to help you create you new world.