Candidates want to see what it feels like to work at your company BEFORE they apply

We live in an ‘experience culture’. Multiple studies have shown that Millennials are more likely to spend money on experiences than anything else. The Sharing-Economy (e.g. AirBnB) empowers consumers to experience more without the cost of ownership. Furthermore, our ability to share our experiences with millions at the click of a button through Facebook and Instagram boosts this experience culture by feeding on our Fear Of Missing Out.

The Team at 3 Degrees Tech understands that "today's candidates require a consumer-quality experience, similar to what they receive when shopping online…” (Roopesh Nair). We know that your Employer Branding strategy must focus on the Experience of being an employee and must include a Candidate Experience Strategy.

When developing Candidate Experience Strategies our focus includes (but it not limited to):

  • What the day-to-day work life looks like, company-wide and per department
  • Clearly showcasing the Employee Experience through video and testimonials that are shared on the Career Page and Social Media
  • Development of a Candidate Relationship Management strategy
  • Ensuring that every step of the Recruitment Process corresponds with an activity that boosts the candidate experience

Training Line Managers on interview skills, focusing on how to sell the company by using the EVP