An Employer Value Proposition needs to give factual reason in order to influence candidates

We all know that one of the most important aspects of your Employer Brand is your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) should encapsulate what makes your company different and better to work for than any other company. It should be unique and individualized to really represent your company culture and work environment.

The problem is that too many EVP’s are formulated and communicated using airy-fairy topics and wording, resulting in EVP’s sounding similar and failing to give concrete reasons for candidates to change employment..
76% of job seekers want details on what makes the company an attractive place to work (Glassdoor survey. The Glassdoor Survey of 2017 is supported by the LinkedIn 2018 Survey (segmented for SA
Candidates), which says the following points are the most important for a candidate when making a decision to change employment – and must be addressed in the EVP:

Job Characteristic Percentage of Talent saying this is important:

Compensation and Benefits – 58%
Work/life balance – 48%
Open and Effective Management – 40%
Culture/Colleagues that inspire employees – 37%
Challenging Work – 36%


The Top 10 is rounded of by:

Job Security, Flexible Working Arrangements, Role that has meaningful impact in company’s strategy, Company Vision and Investment in Continuous Development of Employees.














The Team at 3 Degrees Tech understands what candidates want to hear and how they want to hear it. Our expertise includes consulting and developing Employer Value Propositions, that ensure:

  • Clarity of EVP
  • Inclusion of Top 10 Candidate Magnets
  • Accessibility of EVP, both internally and externally.

Creation of videos and testimonials ensure the EVP inspires employees and candidates alike