Manufactured Employer Value Propositions will not resonate with employees and candidates

Companies do not spend nearly as much time on understanding and selling what makes them different as an employer as they do understanding and selling what makes their products/services better than their competitors. Instead, they task the Executive and Marketing teams to come up with something that sounds nice. Naturally, Execs would be tempted to present the best possible image (even if it is false). The marketing team would be eager to take that made-up message and jazz it up to represent something they feel will look good in the market.

One of our clients, an SME with 3 branches across SA, just communicated their EVP internally and focused on their vision and values. Although they tried to be as truthful as possible, the EVP did not contain any Talent Magnets – the Top 10 reason why Candidates choose to change employment.

During our consultation with them, a few things became clear:

  • No-one really knew what made their company different as an Employer. They had a fairly good idea what made them different as a company (vision and values), but not how that translated into being an employer of choice.
  • For this reason, internal employees did not really participate in the internal candidate referral programme since they did not really know what to tell their friends and family about their company as an employer. Their testimony remained very vague and focused or airy-fairy things that did not offer any concrete reasons for people to join their company.
  • They also had a big problem filling their two most critical roles – Software Developers and Sales Executives, since they operate in a niche market and struggled to stand out as an employer.