30 years ago recruitment bread and butter tools such as cellular phones, Google, job boards and social media did not exist.  (Do a hear a gasp from the Millennials?)  This made it extremely difficult to find and communicate with candidates. Having access to candidates were the competitive advantage

Today, through job portals and social media every employer and agency can engage directly with candidates. This means candidates are bombarded with employment messages every day. Today, having access to candidates is not good enough – you have to influence them.











If you want to stay competitive by employing Top Talent, your Employer Brand simply must stand out from the rest. And this is exactly what 3 Degrees Tech do for our clients.  When we embark on your journey, our clients often have similar Talent Challenges:

  • Not enough quality talent for critical vacancies
  • Enormous struggle to find and engage with Scarce Skills Talent
  • Overflow of applications that are irrelevant or do not meet quality standards
  • Long turnaround times for time-to-fill