This article forms part of a series about how HR could maximise the use of Engagement Tech to boost communication with candidates and employees.  Today we are going to talk about how Recruitment Departments (or agencies) can use Interactive videos to boost their candidate pool and build strong candidate pipelines. 

Whether you are an agency or an internal recruitment department, your ultimate aim is to get the right talent, for the right vacancies and the right time.  This involves a delicate balance between type of skill, quality of skill and availability of skill.  Throw in the fact that resources are limited, then we see that Recruitment Departments need to optimise the use of their time and money.  One of the most important Recruitment metrics – Time-To-Fill – depends on the number of quality candidates you have in your pool.  The more quality candidates you have in your pool, the quicker you can fill vacancies (and therefore the shorter the time-to-fill)

The strength of your talent pool depends on two factors: Firstly, you need to find the right candidates – no one wants to waste their time engaging with candidates that do not have the skills or experience they require. And secondly, get these candidates to engage with you as a possible employer.  In sales they call this process lead generation, in recruitment we call this recruitment marketing.


For a moment, let’s think about your own company’s sales and marketing processes.  To grow sales revenue, your company had to develop a strategy whereby they can identify the right customers or clients and inspire them through marketing messages to buy your products or services.  To do this, they understand that different personalities only react positively to messages that speak to their disposition.  People who are detail orientated and calculating do not react to emotional advertisements – they want facts.  Therefore, reaching “Blue” customers requires a marketing message that speaks to things like cost, return on investment and so on.  On the other hand, their polar opposites, Yellow personalities will simply shut-off if you try to talk to them about ‘boring’ stuff like facts and figures.  They crave emotional stimulation, responding better to creative, quirky adverts that highlight how your product/service will make them feel.


The challenge is that any message recruiters put out to candidates only address one personality type at a time.  If you place an advert or employer branding message filled with things like company benefits, job responsibilities, etc. you might successfully reach ‘Blue’ candidates but totally miss ‘Yellow’ candidates.  Very frustrating!

But what if we could create a recruitment marketing message that talks to all four personalities at the same time?  Imagine that instead of spending hours searching for candidates online just to be ignored or ghosted by your ‘one-size-fits-all’ LinkedIn message or video, you can get passive candidates to interact with a video that allows two-way communication.  At 3 Degrees Tech we call this Interactive Videos.  Below is an example of a decision-tree script showcasing a Recruitment Marketing video.  In effect, this video is made up of 9 scenes, but the candidate has the power – through clickable interactions – to guide the flow of the video.  They have the power to ‘skip’ to sections of the video that speaks to the information they want to know.  If they have completed a section of the video and want to know more, they have the power to engage with other sections of the video, creating an endless loop.  In this way, candidates are given the control to engage with your Employer Brand, making this a formidable candidate lead generator – boosting both the size and quality of your candidate pool.



Ditching the boring stuff and embracing the exciting stuff has a number of powerful benefits.

  • Enhanced ability to demonstrate Employment Experience
  • Employer Value Proposition communicated in a fun, inspirational way
  • Higher application conversion ratio
  • Applicant Pool expanded in an entertaining, inclusive manner
  • Memorable experiences leading to word-of-mouth referrals

If you want to know more about using Technology to better engage with candidates, please reach out to 3 Degrees Tech. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


3 Degrees Tech is Africa’s premier creative development company, specializing in Virtual Reality, online games including mobile games, Interactive videos and 3D Scenarios.  We help companies transform their message to candidates and employees throughout the Employee Lifecycle, from boring content that gets ignored to creating inspirational experiences that positively influences behaviour.