This article forms part of a series about how HR could maximise the use of Engagement Tech to boost communication with candidates and employees.  Today we are talking about how Learning and Development departments can use Interactive, virtual scenarios to boost the Return on Investment of training interventions through amazing learner experiences.

Companies know that changing the habits of their employees are notoriously difficult.  Businesses spend an awful amount of resources – both money and time – to try an upskill or reskill their employees.  The problem is that most training interventions are still classroom based.  Studies have proven that adults acquire 70% of their skills and knowledge from experiential learning.  This means that only 30% of learning is going to take place in the classroom – implying that classroom training is a very ineffective way of changing habits.



Nowadays, clients are migrating their training to online platform, allowing employees to engage with content when and where they choose.  Yes, digital learning has numerous benefits over classroom training, with the biggest one the reduction in training costs.  Nevertheless, the problem still remains:  Training is overwhelmingly information being spoon-fed to a learner – albeit now in a digital format.  Content is still flowing one-way with very limited ability for the learner to engage and interact with the content. The learner is still not experiencing the content in a way that will guarantee successful application in real-life.


Therefore, digital learning needs to be complemented by Experiential technology such as Interactive 3D scenarios, virtual reality or augmented reality that allows the learner to engage with the digital environment, encouraging two-way communication between the learner and the content.  By converting content into scenario’s that allows the learner to explore, experiment and discover, companies can tap into the 70% learning that takes place through experiential learning.


By embracing experiential learning, 3 Degrees Tech has helped our client to reap a number of powerful benefits.

  • Improvement of Learning Experience
  • Increase in knowledge retention
  • Immediate feedback to Learner about performance
  • Scalability – number of learners are not dependent on number of Trainers
  • Replication – Learner can repeat simulations without the need to increase Trainer contact time

If you want to know more about using Technology to better engage with Learners, please reach out to 3 Degrees Tech. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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