This article forms part of a series about how HR could maximise the use of Engagement Tech to boost communication with candidates and employees. Today we are going to talk about how Learning and Development Departments can use Interactive Videos to boost the Return on Investment of training interventions through enhancing the learner experience.


Digital Learning, with all its benefits and advantages, does not enable a ‘conversation’ between the learner and the content.  The system is on total control of the flow, not the Learner.  Firstly, content is presented in bulk (via text or video) and thereafter the learner responds via an assessment.  When the learner does not grasp some part of the content, there is no way to tell the video to stop and explain it again or explain it in another way.  It is a grasp-it-or-don’t environment.

This is not the optimal learning environment.  At least in a classroom scenario, learners can engage with the facilitator to obtain clarity and gain understanding. With digital learning, this is nearly impossible.  Nevertheless, due to scalability issues, classroom training is not optimal for the new world of on-demand learning, where companies are looking to develop individualized training programmes that can be accessed at any time, anywhere in the world.


Therefore, digital learning needs to evolve to allow more Learner interaction; it must become two-way communication. This is where Interactive Videos can complement your current digital learning strategy.

In effect, Interactive Training Videos take your training content and break them up in bit-size chunks. The Learner then has the power – through clickable interactions – to guide the flow of the video.  They have the power to ‘skip’ to sections of the video that speaks to the information they want to know.  If they have completed a section of the video and want to know proceed, they have the power to engage with other sections of the video, creating an endless loop.  In this way, Learners are given the control to engage with your content, making this a formidable learning tool – boosting understanding and practical application.

Interactive videos allow the learner to have a conversation with the content, placing interactions strategically at various points in the video.  Interaction can include:

  • Spot assessments to test understanding
  • Quick practical application of knowledge gained
  • Surveys
  • Ability to skip forward to learn more or move back to review/reskill


By embracing experiential learning, 3 Degrees Tech has helped our client to reap a number of powerful benefits.

  • Improvement of Learning Experience
  • Increase in knowledge retention
  • Immediate feedback to Learner about performance
  • Scalability – number of learners are not dependent on number of Trainers
  • Replication – Learner can repeat simulations without the need to increase Trainer contact time

If you want to know more about using Technology to better engage with Learners, please reach out to 3 Degrees Tech. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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