Company performance is directly linked to the quality of Talent that they can Attract, Attain and Retain.  Therefore, the ultimate purpose of Employer Branding is to find the best talent, for the right vacancies at the right time – at the least cost.  Just like Sales and Marketing processes are used to attract new clients/customers and keep them loyal, so are Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing processes used to attract and retain new employees.

The goal of employer branding is to position your organisation as thee place to work, reducing your recruitment cost and attrition rates. People are the best marketing agents for your brand. The scary thing is bad news travels faster than good news so we have to manage our reputation.


Recruitment Agency fees do not increase employer branding.
Marketing for Recruitment does.


  • After receiving a job offer, 64% of candidate said they research a company online and 37% move to another job offer if they cannot find good information on multiple sources.
    (Careerbuilder 2016)
  • • 50% of candidate say they will not work for a company with a bad reputation, even for a pay increase.
    (Betterteam blog, 2017)
  • • 92% of candidates will consider leaving their current jobs if offered another role with a company that has a excellent corporate reputation.
    (Corporate Responsibility Magazine, September 2015)


  • Facilitate discovery of EVP
  • Create Recruitment Marketing message based on EVP
  • Creation of Talent Attraction Strategy
  • Develop Candidate Relationship Management Strategy
  • Develop Internal Employee Referral system
  • Develop targeted Recruitment Marketing campaigns
  • Enhance Online Presence
  • Implement Tools to help automate personalized communication
  • Build a Candidate Experience Process Flow
  • Maintain Internal Employee Referral system
  • Execute targeted Recruitment Marketing campaigns


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